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5 Reasons to Appreciate Dental Implants

November 2, 2022

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Family eating Thanksgiving dinnerAs you gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, you have one more reason to be thankful because you chose dental implants in Edison to replace your missing teeth. As the only treatment to recreate both the root and crown, a dental implant is the next best thing to a natural tooth. As you chat with friends, smile for family pictures, or indulge in your seasonal snacks, here are 5 reasons to appreciate your investment in dental implants.


4 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

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Dental appointment and toothbrush on calendarMore Americans than ever have dental insurance, but less than 3% of adults reach their annual limits. Many people believe they can’t afford to visit a dentist, despite their coverage. However, dental insurance is designed to provide access to affordable dentistry to reduce long-term costs for care. Paying your monthly premiums allows you to preserve your smile for minimal out-of-pocket expenses, but your coverage doesn’t last forever. Your plan expires at the end of the year. Don’t throw money down the drain if you don’t understand how your coverage works. Here are 4 ways to maximize dental insurance benefits in Edison before time runs out. 


Can I Get Invisalign with Veneers, Crowns, or Bridges?

February 14, 2021

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Woman at consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Edison.If you have crooked, gapped, or overcrowded teeth, you have more options than ever to achieve the straight smile you desire, like Invisalign. Many adults prefer clear aligners because they are virtually undetectable. You won’t have to worry about brackets or wires drawing unnecessary attention to your mouth. Although you’d like to improve your smile, you have a couple of restorations. If you have crowns, bridges, or veneers, you can still benefit from clear aligners. Here’s what you need to know to attain your picture-perfect smile with cosmetic dentistry in Edison.


Do Veneers Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

December 24, 2020

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Woman with tooth sensitivity before veneers in Edison.If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, veneers in Edison can give you the smile you desire. The thin shells are effective in correcting a variety of aesthetic imperfections using just one procedure. Bonding the veneers to your teeth requires removing a small amount of enamel. As a result, it’s normal to be concerned about tooth sensitivity; however, you have nothing to fear. Modern veneers are thinner than ever, allowing you to maintain more of your tooth’s structure. Here’s what you can expect when enhancing your smile with veneers.


Bonding VS Veneers: Which is right for me?

December 22, 2020

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Woman with a beautiful smile from cosmetic dentist in Edison. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, your cosmetic dentist in Edison can transform your smile and your self-esteem. Thanks to modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you have more options than ever to achieve the results you want. Among the most popular treatments are dental bonding and porcelain veneers. Both can provide drastic results; however, what’s the difference between veneers and bonding? Here’s what you need to know to choose the right investment for your smile.


Placement vs. Restoration of Dental Implants in Edison

July 6, 2018

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dental implant consultationAre you ready to join more than 500,000 people this year who are choosing to replace their missing teeth with dental implants? That is great! You will benefit from the most preferred solution to treat tooth loss. To complete your smile, your treatment plan will consist of various phases, which include the placement of the posts and the restoration process. Although you may believe that the two are one in the same, they are not. When choosing dental implants in Edison, it is best to understand what each step will involve for a stress-free process.

Stop Bone Loss with Dental Implants in Edison

May 1, 2018

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model of dental implantNew advancements in modern dentistry have made it possible to preserve natural teeth for longer. Unfortunately, even with new technologies and procedures, it is estimated that 120 million Americans are still living with at least one missing tooth. Not only does tooth loss create challenges for your quality of life and confidence, but it also creates new oral health problems due to tooth loss. Although there are various options to replace your missing teeth, only one can stop the complications of decreased bone density. Dental implants in Edison can restore your smile while also preserving the density of your jawbone.

Cosmetic Dentist in Edison will Restore Your Confidence for the Holidays

November 16, 2017

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Woman in Santa hat smilingThe holidays are an exciting time of year as you gather with loved ones to celebrate the season. While you anticipate the gettogethers, you do not look forward to another year of feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth. If you are tired of hiding your smile in pictures and while talking to your family, why not give yourself the gift of confidence this year? Your cosmetic dentist in Edison offers simple and effective treatments to improve your smile just in time for the holidays.

Conquer Your Fear with Your Sedation Dentist in Edison

August 26, 2017

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Man happy at dentistWhen it comes time to visit your dentist, do your palms get sweaty and does your heart start to race? Something as simple as a routine appointment is not easy for everyone. If you have dental-related anxieties, walking into the office can seem almost impossible. If you have fears and phobias that stop you from visiting your dentist, it can seem like nothing can help you feel at ease. However, you do have options with sedation dentistry. Now, you can conquer your fears to make your dental health a priority with a sedation dentist in Edison.

Does Poor Oral Hygiene Effect Whole Body Health?

July 23, 2017

woman with braces brushing teethMost of our patients know how their whole body health effects their teeth. Certain foods can be detrimental – more sugar means higher risk for cavities, dark foods and drinks may lead to staining, and acidic foods weaken the enamel. Certain health conditions lead to reduced saliva production and chronic dry mouth. However, many patients aren’t aware of how their oral health and hygiene effects their body. At Resnick & Rosenfeld, DDS, we believe it’s essential for patients to be educated about all of the ways oral health and whole body health intersect. Contact our friendly Edison dental team to schedule a checkup today. Our knowledgeable dentists and team members will be happy to walk you through the most effective oral hygiene practices to ensure your optimal oral and overall health.

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