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Remineralization Dentistry in Edison, NJ

Treating Cavities with Remineralization Dentistry

cavity treatment in edison, njDid you know that some cavities can be treated without "drilling and filling?" Other dental offices are content either to "drill" away the decay and place fillings, or "observe" these cavities until they get deeper and then "drill and fill". In our office, we prefer to treat these early cavities with topical solutions that help your teeth remineralize... hopefully avoiding the "drilling and filling" that can ultimately weaken your tooth. Recent scientific evidence is conclusive that not only is this therapy conservative and tooth saving... but cost saving as well.

Many of the solutions we use are also useful in preventing decay from ever starting. That is why, every patient in our office is assessed for their RISK of developing caries (the bacterial infection that causes cavities) and their home oral hygiene regimen is prescribed accordingly.

For further information on conservative, non invasive dentistry please visit our web page on contemporary dentistry.