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Microscopic Monitoring for Periodontal Disease

How Can Microscopic Monitoring Discover Periodontal Disease?

Dental microscope

Because periodontal (gum) disease is a bacterial infection, we routinely sample all our patients for the presence of disease-associated bacteria. In this non-invasive procedure, our dentists (or hygienists) will obtain a sample of the bacteria growing under your gum and observe it with the aid of a specially designed phase contrast microscope. This allows us to determine if a patient is harboring bacteria associated with periodontal disease.

This specialized diagnostic technique is extremely valuable in two ways:

First, it allows us to diagnose the potential for gum disease before any breakdowns occur or symptoms appear. We can advise a patient how to naturally and non-surgically eliminate potentially problematic germs, and the disease can essentially be cured before any damage occurs. You'll never have to experience the bleeding, bad odor, or loose teeth that often accompanies gum disease.

If breakdown has already started to occur, the identification of the bacterial problem allows us to treat the disease with the goal of eliminating the cause of the disease: the bacteria. Once the cause is eliminated, the body can heal itself naturally. This technique is completely non-surgical. It is effective even in the most advanced cases; it allows patients to be cured of periodontal disease without the pain, disfigurement, and tooth sensitivity that can follow surgical procedures. Better yet, it is not nearly as costly!