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Our Commitment to Safety

Does Poor Oral Hygiene Effect Whole Body Health?

July 23, 2017

woman with braces brushing teethMost of our patients know how their whole body health effects their teeth. Certain foods can be detrimental – more sugar means higher risk for cavities, dark foods and drinks may lead to staining, and acidic foods weaken the enamel. Certain health conditions lead to reduced saliva production and chronic dry mouth. However, many patients aren’t aware of how their oral health and hygiene effects their body. At Resnick & Rosenfeld, DDS, we believe it’s essential for patients to be educated about all of the ways oral health and whole body health intersect. Contact our friendly Edison dental team to schedule a checkup today. Our knowledgeable dentists and team members will be happy to walk you through the most effective oral hygiene practices to ensure your optimal oral and overall health.

Resnick & Rosenfeld: Your Trusted Dentists in Edison

November 20, 2015

dentist edisonFinding a dentist to visit is easy. But finding a dentist you want to visit for years and years? That’s a little more difficult — and something many adults don’t ever achieve. Having a dentist you can call on is crucial for oral health, though. People who have a regular dentist are more likely to schedule regular appointments, and enjoy healthier teeth as a result. If you’re still looking for a dentist you can rely on, you should know the doctors at Resnick & Rosenfeld DDS are your trusted dentists in Edison, NJ. Keep reading to find out why, and learn about all the excellent dental services we offer.


An Athletic Mouthguard for the Athlete in Your Edison, NJ, Family

October 28, 2014

77295850Think of a sport. Any sport. Now think of the safety equipment athletes in that particular sport wear. There might be shoulder pads, shin guards, a helmet and the list goes on. But what is the one piece of safety equipment that all athletes need? A mouthguard. Whether your sport is a contact sport or not, a mouthguard is necessary to protect your teeth, gums, lips, face and jaw. Take the time to meet with Dr. Steven J. Resnick or Dr. David S. Rosenfeld of Resnick & Rosenfeld DDS in Edison, NJ, to find out which type of mouthguard is best for you.

Why Wear a Mouthguard

Let’s face it—accidents are not scheduled. They happen unexpectedly. With this in mind, a mouthguard is not only beneficial to people who participate in contact sports. Even if you’re into a noncontact sport, such as biking, skateboarding or gymnastics, traumatic injury to the mouth, teeth, gums and face are a real possibility. Recent studies have found that a mouthguard can even reduce the severity of a concussion. Furthermore, the American Dental Association estimates that mouthguards prevent some 200,000 mouth injuries in high school and college football every years. Obviously, the costs of not wearing a mouthguard are much more than monetary, but in terms of dollars one missing tooth can amount to more than $10,000 in dental care over a lifetime.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three types of common mouthguards. The first is a preformed guard that is available in most sporting goods store. They tend to be bulky and because they are not fitted to your teeth, they may be uncomfortable. The second mouthguard is known as boil and bite. Made of a thermoplastic material, it is dipped in warm water and then placed in the mouth and formed around the teeth using your fingers and tongue. Finally, there is a custom-fitted mouthguard. Dr. Resnick or Dr. Rosenfeld will take an impression of your teeth to make a mold from which your personal mouthguard is fabricated.

Call Our Office Today

If you or a family member is athletically active, call the Edison, NJ, office of Resnick & Rosenfeld to determine which mouthguard is best. We also serve patients in Clark, Plainfield, Colonia, Scotch Plains and Westfield and beyond.

Keep Your Smile Safe during Sports with a Mouthguard from Resnick and Rosenfeld DDS

February 25, 2013

Helmets, goggles, kneepads – if you or your child plays sports, you’ve surely heard about all the protective gear needed to keep the more fragile parts of your body safe from accidental harm. But did you know that 13% to 39% of all dental injuries each year happen during a sport? It isn’t just the scary collisions you see in football and hockey causing them, either – crucial damage to your teeth can be caused by all kinds of sports, from swimming to bicycling to playing volleyball. Your smile is surely important to you – shouldn’t you protect it the same way you do other parts of your body? After all, you definitely don’t want to see the crowd at one of your events gawking at your missing teeth! That’s why Drs. Resnick and Rosenfeld recommend that mouthguards should be worn by both adults and children who regularly participate in any kind of sport that could result in injury to the mouth. With the help of a mouthguard from our Edison, NJ office, our team can help you keep participating free-free in your favorite activities while ensuring your teeth stay happy and healthy.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a piece of gear that fits over your teeth and protects them from direct damage, along with the tongue and jaw. Studies have even shown that mouthguards help to lessen the severity of concussions.

There are different kinds of mouthguards available, including:

  • Ready-made mouthguards are the kinds you would find on the shelf in any sports store. They’re inexpensive, but since they’re not specifically designed to fit your mouth, they’re often uncomfortable and can even make speaking difficult.
  • Mouth-formed mouthguards are much more flexible and secure, but they tend to harden over time.
  • Custom-made mouthguards are created after a detailed impression is taken of your teeth, and are widely regarded to be the most comfortable choice.

Be sure to talk to Dr. Resnick or Dr. Rosenfeld before selecting a mouthguard. They will be happy to make a recommendation that bests fits your unique situation and smile.

Our dedicated team is happy to provide you with effective, personalized care that puts your needs first each and every time you come in. Don’t let worry over your teeth keep you from playing to the best of your ability – call our Edison office today for more information about mouthguards. We also serve Clark, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Colonia and surrounding areas. We’d love to give you a reason to smile!