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4 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

November 2, 2022

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Dental appointment and toothbrush on calendarMore Americans than ever have dental insurance, but less than 3% of adults reach their annual limits. Many people believe they can’t afford to visit a dentist, despite their coverage. However, dental insurance is designed to provide access to affordable dentistry to reduce long-term costs for care. Paying your monthly premiums allows you to preserve your smile for minimal out-of-pocket expenses, but your coverage doesn’t last forever. Your plan expires at the end of the year. Don’t throw money down the drain if you don’t understand how your coverage works. Here are 4 ways to maximize dental insurance benefits in Edison before time runs out. 

1. Schedule a Cleaning and Checkup

Brushing and flossing can lower your risk of cavities and gum disease, which are leading causes of tooth loss, but they aren’t enough. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist in Edison every 6 months for a cleaning and checkup to safeguard your smile from decay and infections. Preventive dentistry reduces your need for costly treatments later. Research has found that every $1 spent on prevention can save up to $50 on restorative services. You can see your dentist twice a year after a copayment.

2. Don’t Delay Dental Work

If your dentist finds anything concerning, don’t let a minor issue turn into a dental emergency. Many people admit to delaying dental work because of the cost, but you don’t have to wait if money is tight. After meeting your deductible, your insurance can pay 80% of the cost for minor restorative procedures. Major services are still covered, but most plans only pay 50% of the expense. You can avoid a big bill later by treating any problems early.

3. Choose the Right Dentist

Your dental insurance will recommend choosing a dentist that’s in your network. They have pre-negotiated rates for common services with preferred dental practices. However, you have the freedom to choose any dentist that accepts your plan. You’ll have to pay the difference between your insurance’s allowable coverage and the dentist’s fees if they are out-of-network.

4. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Your dental benefits will reset at the first of the year. You will lose anything you don’t use before December 31st, and nothing will accumulate into 2023. You won’t be reimbursed for your premiums or deductible. You could lose hundreds to thousands of dollars if you wait to see your dentist.

Everyone is looking for ways to save money to combat inflation and fuel prices. You can cut your oral health expenses by scheduling a dental appointment to use your remaining benefits. You’ll start the new year with a healthy smile and a little more money in your bank account.

About Dr. David Rosenfeld

Dr. Rosenfeld earned his dental degree from the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery and has completed advanced education in cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and oral pathology. Dr. Rosenfeld accepts many dental plans to keep his services affordable. If you need an appointment before the new year, contact our office today.

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