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Need a New Dentist in Edison? Try Resnick & Rosenfeld DDS

October 21, 2016

Find the best dentist in Edison. Learn here about the innovative services offered by Dr. Steven Resnick and Dr. David Rosenfeld.

When you look for an auto mechanic, you want someone skilled in the latest diagnostic and repair techniques to keep your car or truck in tip top shape. Your oral health deserves nothing less. Find innovation and compassion at Resnick & Resnick DDS. Serving the Edison area, these highly credentialed dentists will help you achieve your best smile and keep it shining for years.


Preserve the Health of Your Teeth with Root Canal Therapy in Edison, NJ

May 8, 2014

Shutterstock Mouth PainRoot canal therapy has garnered a rather negative reputation over the years, eliciting thoughts of immense pain and numerous costly procedures. Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible for Drs. Resnick and Rosenfeld to perform this treatment in a way that minimizes discomfort, preserves more of your natural tooth, and takes less time than ever before. Root canal treatment at Resnick & Rosenfeld, DDS in Edison, NJ eliminates pain and stops infection before it can cause further damage.

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

When decay in a tooth spreads down to the sensitive pulp within the root, root canal therapy is typically recommended. This procedure involves the elimination of bacteria and diseased tissue, the filling of the resultant cavity, and the capping of the tooth with a durable, protective crown. Root canal therapy, when performed in a timely manner, can help to avoid the need for extraction later.

While the necessity for root canal therapy can only be determined by a qualified oral healthcare professional, there are some symptoms that you should be aware of at home. Persistent toothaches, for example, should never be ignored, as pain in the tooth, gums, or jaw may indicate a number of problems, including abscesses. If you notice that a tooth has become noticeably discolored or begins to take on a dull gray appearance, call Drs. Resnick and Rosenfeld to schedule an appointment for immediate assessment.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Life

Did you know that the health of your teeth and gums directly impacts your physical wellness overall? Seeking out root canal therapy before further damage occurs can not only help you preserve your natural teeth, but lower your risk for other potentially debilitating diseases in the future. Contact our office in Edison, NJ to schedule your appointment today. Drs. Resnick and Rosenfeld look forward to becoming your trusted partners in lifelong oral health, and proudly serve patients from throughout Edison, Colonia, Scotch Plains, Plainfield, Clark, Westfield, and more.

Protect Your Teeth with Precise Root Canal Therapy in Edison, NJ

March 27, 2013

While tooth loss is a dental problem that many patients fear, the thought of undergoing root canal treatment to save the affected pearly white is often scarier. The truth is, while the procedure may have once been incredibly painful and uncomfortable one, today’s modern technology, anesthesia and advanced tools have made the panic many patients undergo about it completely unnecessary. In fact, root canal therapy has an incredibly high success rate; it can help rescue injured or decayed teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted! At Resnick and Rosenfeld DDS, our team wants nothing more than to help you maintain a perfectly healthy and whole smile for years to come. That’s why we’re happy to offer root canal treatment right here at our Edison, NJ practice!

What exactly is a root canal?

When a tooth is seriously injured or decayed, it can allow damaging bacteria access into its inner canals, which then infects the nerves (often referred to as ‘pulp) as well. This disease can even spread to other healthy teeth if left untreated! Thankfully, with the help of root canal treatment, Dr. Resnick or Dr. Rosenfeld can create an opening in the affected tooth, clean out the bacteria and infected pulp, and thoroughly seal the area so that further bacteria can’t find a way in. In order to restore full functionality to the tooth, we usually also create a custom-made crown as a finishing touch.

Our Edison, NJ practice is committed to providing maximum comfort and relaxation to patients during root canal treatments by combining the most modern techniques with a biomedical perspective. In fact, most root canal treatments can now be completed in a single visit!

Don’t let infection destroy your hard-earned smile – with Dr. Resnick and Dr. Rosenfeld’s help, our team can use root canal treatment to keep your teeth healthy and happy! Contact our Edison office today with any questions you may have root canal treatment, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We also serve the areas of Clark, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Westfield, and Colonia.