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Dental Dawdling: Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting Veneers

November 14, 2023

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If you’re frustrated by flawed teeth, you’re not alone! Millions of people have turned to porcelain veneers to resolve issues in their smiles. Despite this, many patients debate having them placed because there’s some prep work involved. For these thin, ceramic shells to line up with your gums, your dentist must first remove a small amount of your tooth’s enamel. Because it does not regrow, it’s a permanent change that many patients hesitate to commit to. Those who take the plunge, however, know that it’s worth it to enjoy the many benefits of having veneers. Keep reading to learn about 3 of them!

Benefit #1: Minimal Prep Work

Though many patients are concerned about having enamel removed for veneers to fit properly, the truth is that the change is minimal. Though they may have been bulkier in the past, these durable porcelain shields are now no thicker than contact lenses. Though your dentist will have to remove some enamel for them to align correctly, they don’t have to remove too much. Other solutions like dental crowns, for example, require much more of your natural tooth to be whittled away.

Benefit #2: Versatility

Veneers can mask a multitude of imperfections. Whether you have teeth that are slightly crooked or have unsightly gaps, sharp-edged chips, or thin hairline fractures, veneers can conceal the defects and provide a perfectly uniform grin. On top of that, they can be customized to match, or even lighten, your grin. You won’t need whitening treatments that can result in tooth sensitivity because you’ll be hiding the discoloration. You don’t have to worry whether your teeth have external stains from years worth of consuming dark foods and beverages or if your prescription medication resulted in splotching because you’ll be covered either way.

Benefit #3: Save on Future Expenses

If you have damaged teeth, the truth is that if you leave them alone, they’re likely to be injured again further down the road. The structure of your cracked or chipped tooth is compromised making it easier for unhealthy bacteria to penetrate it. That means you’re more likely to develop tooth decay, not to mention there’s an increased risk of it breaking the next time you bite into something hard. Fortunately, veneers are coated with a glaze strong enough that they protect your vulnerable teeth from sustaining additional harm. You won’t have to spend money on complex, expensive repairs anytime soon like you might with other solutions.

With so many truly incredible advantages to having veneers, there’s no reason to delay. Call your dentist today for a consultation and you’ll have started your journey to a newly perfect smile that you can be proud of!

About the Author

Dr. David S. Rosenfeld graduated from the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in New York City. After that, he completed a post-doctorate general practice residency at The Jamaica Hospital and Medical Center in Queens, New York. He has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, making him an expert at placing porcelain veneers. His dedicated staff is happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment. You’re welcome to contact the office on the website or by calling (908) 668-7838.

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