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Dental Resources

Removable, Aesthetic Partial Dentures

Equipoise Design makes removable partial dentures that show no metal clasps—so they are fully aesthetic—and are very kind to the remaining teeth.

Dental Organizations

Below are links to professional organization Web sites, which include a wealth of information about dentistry.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

The following Web sites discuss periodontal disease, and how it can be non-surgically treated by eliminating the bacteria that causes the infection. These sites also contain valuable information on how periodontal disease can be a precursor for other systemic, more disabling diseases.

TMJ Disorders and Migraines

The next site reviews the use of a small intra-oral appliance used to eliminate pain from TMJ disorders and to treat migraines. It has been approved by the FDA in treating migraine headaches and has been used successfully in this office for a number of years.