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Our Dental Practice News

We Have Expanded Our Hours:

In addition to our early morning and late evening hours (and of course regular office hours as well), we have added one additional Saturday per month making us available three out of the four Saturdays per month for your convenience. Dr. Resnick and a hygienist have also added every other Friday to their schedules. Getting a convenient appointment, or waiting for treatment should never be a problem in our office.

Our Family Is Growing:

Three members of our team have recently become first time grandparents.  Congratulations to Dr. Steven Resnick and our hygienist, Robin Levine, who each have been blessed with granddaughters, and to Dental assistant Lizette Ricks who is the proud grandmother of a baby boy.


Dr. David Rosenfeld for being chosen by NJ Family Magazine as one of  “NJ’s Favorite Kid Docs”. His commitment to children helps young patients lay the foundation of good dental health for a lifetime.

Dr. Steven Resnick for being named Group practice Director at the NYU College of Dentistry. As such, Dr. Resnick oversees the clinical education of over 50 third and fourth year dental students and is responsible for training faculty in contemporary dental concepts and education.

Dr. Steven Resnick for delivering two presentations at the annual conference of the American Dental educators Association.

Dr. Steven Resnick for being named “faculty of the Year” at NYU for the fourth time.

We Continue To Learn:

Dr. Rosenfeld, once again, participated in the International Congress of Oral Implantology( ICOI)  World Congress. Dentists from all over the world gathered to discuss issues intended to advance the practice of implant dentistry. The theme of this year’s world meeting was “Innovations in Implant Dentistry”.

Our entire staff obtained their Healthcare Provider Recertification in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Our entire hygiene team attended numerous all day seminars on topics including The Link Between Oral and Systemic Disease, and Dealing With unique Patient Personalities.

Dr. Resnick attended the Chicago Midwinter Meeting where he attended a conference on the Pharmocologic Management of Post Operative Pain and took Courses in Bone Grafting and minimal Preparation Veneers. Dr. Resnick attends weekly seminars at NYU College of Dentistry and focuses on topics that bring contemporary, minimally invasive, and practical solutions to our patient population.

Dr. Resnick to Attend Pinnacle Conference

Dr. Resnick has been selected as one of only three faculty members to attend the PINNACLE Dental conference in Denver, Colorado this fall. Sponsored by Denttsply International.  This conference is dedicated to assessing to the future of dental care in the United States and how educators and industry can collaborate to improve patient access and care.

Dr. Resnick to Head Groundbreaking Program at New York University

Congratulations to Dr. Steven Resnick who has been chosen as one of the two co-directors of a new program at the New York University College of Dentistry. The program, the first in the world of its kind, will provide comprehensive dental services for people who have come to this country after having been victims of torture in their homelands. Each patient has a story so tragic, it is almost unbelievable in the twenty-first century. Each is not only in need of basic dental care, but, in some cases, patients’ oral cavities have been mutilated by torture. The dental and psychological challenges to Dr. Resnick and his students will be great, but they are all excited to welcome them. We will keep you informed of the progress of this program and welcome your questions about it.

Dr. Resnick Attends Nash Institute Esthetic Extravaganza

Dr. Steven Resnick was privileged to attend the Nash Institute Esthetic Extravaganza in Asheville, North Carolina, this past August. Dr. Ross Nash is a world-renowned esthetic dentist and directs one of the most highly respected post-doctoral learning institutions in the world. Dr. Resnick was invited as Dr. Nash’s guest to discuss esthetic and adhesive solutions with other prominent contemporary dentists.

Dr. Rosenfeld Attends Implant Conference

Dr. David Rosenfeld attended the International College of Oral Implantology Scientific Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 21 through August 24, 2008. As you know, the ability to utilize implant-retained restorations is critical to the success of our contemporary practice, of which you have chosen to be a part. Having attained fellowship in this organization, Dr. Rosenfeld has shown himself to be one of the leaders in the field. Our doctors and our entire team are dedicated to continuing education (both learning and teaching) with the ultimate goal being excellent outcomes for our patients and improved knowledge of dentistry for other dentists seeking excellence, as well.

Office Renovation to Be Completed in Mid-September

In keeping with our mission to be a totally patient-centered practice, we will be upgrading our offices in September. New carpeting and wallpaper will enhance the esthetics of our facility. New cabinetry in the doctor’s treatment room will allow the doctors to work in an even more efficient manner, providing the ultimate benefit of improved patient care. As promised, all treatment rooms will be re-equipped with large 22-inch flat screen monitors placed at a better viewing angle so that our patients can enjoy their favorite programming during procedures. These screens will also be integrated into our diagnostic and patient education systems so that patients will be able to gain a greater understanding of the status of their oral health and how to go about maintaining or improving it. We look forward to your comments on the enhancements we are implementing to make your dental care the finest it can be.

Dr. Resnick Awarded NYU Student Council Award

On May 9, 2006, Dr. Resnick was presented with the coveted Student Council Appreciation Award from the student body at New York University College of Dentistry. This award recognizes faculty members who have shown excellence in teaching, and dedication and devotion to the student body.

Drugs Used to Prevent Bone Breakdown Are Linked to Bone Breakdown in the Jaw

A recent article in The New York Times highlighted what leading practitioners have been coming to grips with over the past number of years—that bisphosphonates, drugs used to prevent the breakdown of bone in osteoporosis and cancer (like Fosamax®), have been implicated in the breakdown of human jawbone.

A more thorough discussion of this topic can be found on this Web site in the Dental News You Can Use section.

Effects of Oral Inflammation Implicated In Severe Systemic Disease

We have known for years that a relationship exists between oral inflammation and systemic conditions. Increased risk for cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, pre-term deliveries, and babies with low birth weight has been discussed previously on this site. Recently, true scientific links between oral infection and inflammation and the progression of diabetes has been established. This knowledge confirms the importance of the microscopic bacterial analysis performed routinely in our office.

A more thorough discussion of this topic can be found on this Web site in the Dental News You Can Use section.


Congratulations to Barbara Jurim, Mariana Arantes, and Jamie Poulos. three of Dr. Resnick's students at NYU, for being inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the National Dental Honor Society. The induction dinner was held on May 5, 2005 at the Essex House in NYC. Dr. Resnick was proudly in attendance. Election is based on scholarship and character. Only the top 12% of students are eligible for election.

Dr. Resnick himself was inducted and elected to the National Dental Honor Society in 1975.

Dr. Resnick with Barbara Jurim and Jamie Poulos

Dr. Resnick, Mariana Arantes and Barbara Jurim


Hardly a day in the office goes by without our patients inquiring about the results seen on shows like “Ultimate Makeover” and “The Swan”. These shows, and others like them, have delivered a very strong message to the American public – that cosmetic dentistry is not only a beauty enhancing vehicle, but a methodology through which one’s entire persona can be transformed.

It is a wonderful feeling to see how our cosmetic patients smile more broadly each and every time they come into our office. We love hearing the numerous reports on how their new veneers, their whitening procedures, or even their simple tooth reshaping procedures have been a cause for positive change in their lives.

You needn’t be paraded before the television cameras to achieve the dramatic oral results seen on Ultimate Makeover” and “The Swan”. Our office provides a private personal setting in which you can reap the rewards of the new smile you’ve wanted for years. Feel free to visit the Smile Gallery on this site or call us for a complete cosmetic consultation.


Dr. Steven Resnick has been named Assistant Clinical Professor at the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Resnick devotes his Fridays to teaching contemporary cosmetic and adhesive dentistry.


Dr. David Rosenfeld has just returned from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists Meeting in Las Vegas. As implants become more and more a superior treatment option, our office is committed to be on the leading edge of the latest research, developments, materials, and techniques.


NTI TSS, Inc. The FDA has approved the use of a small dental device, the NTI-tss for prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain and associated tension type headache.

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