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6 Traits of an Attractive Smile

October 12, 2020

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young man pointing to his smile after undergoing cosmetic dentistry

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. After all, that’s why cosmetic dentistry has become so popular. However, most people can’t quite put into words what makes a smile attractive. Some people might say teeth that are straight and white, but it actually goes beyond that. There are several other aspects of someone’s smile that our brain assesses without our being conscious of it. Here are six of them.

Tooth Color

The color of someone’s teeth is often the first obvious thing we think of when determining whether a smile is attractive. Unfortunately, many habits can leave behind yellow stains on your teeth, such as smoking or drinking wine, tea, or coffee.

Gum Display

The intricate combination of muscles that move to create your smile determines how much gum tissue you show when you grin. When too much is visible, your teeth look small. People might say you have a “gummy smile.” On the other hand, too little gum display might give the impression that your gums are receding, making you appear older.

Gum Color

Your gums should be the proper shade of pink to create a nice contrast against your teeth. If your gums are red and inflamed, you might have gum disease, which can lead to serious oral health problems such as tooth loss if it’s not promptly treated.


When teeth are properly spaced, they should touch slightly. Overcrowded teeth or teeth with significant gaps between them can appear unattractive. Not to mention, misaligned teeth are often harder to keep clean, increasing your risk for cavities.

Bite Alignment

An overbite is when your top teeth protrude past your bottom teeth, and an underbite is just the opposite. Ideally, your upper and lower teeth should rest in about the same spot. Overbites or underbites can also contribute to chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Dental Midline

Symmetry has always been one of the central factors of beauty, and that includes your smile. To be considered conventionally attractive, your smile should have the same midline (vertical line that splits the face perfectly in half) as your face. If your smile’s midline isn’t directly between your two central front teeth, it might look unattractive.

While beauty is entirely subjective, these are some of the most common aspects we think of when considering what makes a smile attractive. If your grin isn’t quite as gorgeous as you’d like it to be, don’t be afraid to look into cosmetic dentistry. Most dentists offer a variety of services to help you achieve your dream smile.

About the Author

Dr. David Rosenfeld obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in New York City. In addition to being a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His dental practice in Edison, NJ offers multiple cosmetic services, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign clear braces. To learn how you can improve your smile today, contact Rosenfeld Dental Associates at 908-668-7838.

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