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Edison Dentist: Caring for Your Teeth between Visits

March 7, 2017

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Edison dentist advises sealants and fluoride treatmentsYour smile is one of your most important personal assets. It affects how you look and how you feel about yourself. Oral health also impacts your systemic well-being. Given how vital your teeth and gums are, how can you keep them strong between semi-annual visits to your Edison dentist? Well, Dr. Steven J. Resnick and Dr. David S. Rosenfeld teach all their patients about important self-care practices that support dental health. They’re simple, easy to do and well-worth the investment of your time and effort.


Brush and Floss

The American Dental Association offers this basic oral hygiene rule: brush twice a day for two full minutes and floss in between teeth daily. The ADA says that many Americans just don’t spend enough time at the bathroom sink. So, try timing yourself to see if you are brushing long enough. Additionally, use the right tools:

  • A soft brush to avoid abrading tender gums
  • The flossing product that you like and will use consistently–plain, flavored, thin, thick, plain or waxed
  • A quality ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste (Mom and Dad, use a non-fluoride product for babies and toddlers)

Applied diligently, brushing and flossing freshen your breath, whiten your teeth and remove sticky, bacteria-laden plaque–the reason behind gum disease and tooth decay.

Eat–and Drink–Healthy

We all know the routine: limit sugar, drink milk for calcium, get your fiber with fruits and vegetables. Basically, what’s good for your waistline also is good for your teeth and gums.

But, did you know that water keeps your mouth healthy between dental visits? Yes, water has a few oral health benefits, namely:

  • Most municipal water systems contain added fluoride, an important anti-cavity element.
  • Drinking several glasses of water a day moisturizes oral tissues, avoiding xerostomia, or dry mouth. Dry mouth contributes to tooth decay. Water also increases the production of saliva with its natural anti-bacterial enzymes.
  • Water rinses tooth and gum surface clean after meals, reducing plaque. Rinsing especially is helpful if you are not able to brush and floss directly after meals (at school or at the office, for instance).

Protect Your Teeth

Physical trauma to your tooth enamel is a leading cause of dental emergencies such as knocked out teeth and lost restorations. Avoid oral injury by wearing a customized mouthguard during sports or a bite guard if you grind your teeth. Ask your dentist in Edison about both of these helpful oral appliances. Also, if you notice any symptoms of pain, sensitivity, swelling, or redness, contact Resnick and Rosenfeld DDS right away. Prompt treatment avoids dental emergencies and preserves tooth and gum structure.

A Final Word…

But, it’s an important one.  If you smoke, quit. Please see your primary care physician for a monitored smoking cessation program. It’s a surer road to success. In kicking the habit. Your oral and systemic health will thank you for your efforts.

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Please contact Resnick & Rosenfeld DDS for your twice a year oral examination and cleaning appointment. We look forward to serving you. Ask us for additional tips to keep your smile healthy between visits.


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