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Importance of 6 Month Appointments with Your Edison Dentist

February 2, 2017

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Your Edison dentist for preventive dentistry.Regular appointments to the dentist are vital to preventive care, which is why the American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist every 6 months. However, despite their recommendations, only 62% of adults saw their dentist last year. Often, people do not understand the importance of seeing their Edison dentist regularly. Often, people believe brushing and flossing are enough to ward off dental problems. In other cases, people feel they do not need to see the dentist until after a problem as developed. However, these beliefs are far from true. No matter how well you brush, you still need to see your dentist regularly—even if you do not have any dental concerns.

Why are Preventive Appointments Necessary?

Although brushing and flossing are important for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, they are not enough. Even with the best oral hygiene habits, there are some areas a toothbrush and floss cannot reach, such as below the gum line or between the teeth. As a result, you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist in Edison twice a year. During your cleaning, we remove plaque and tarter accumulations that have not been removed at home. This significantly decreases your risk for developing tooth decay and gum disease.

After your teeth are cleaned, we perform a comprehensive examination. In addition to a visual examination, we also take x-rays of the teeth using the best dental technology available. This provides deeper insight into your oral health for more accurate diagnosis. Through our examination, we can detect dental problems while they are still small. This reduces the risk for the problem from becoming larger, preventing the need for a more costly or invasive treatment in the future. By restoring oral health as soon as possible, you are more likely to maintain a lifelong beautiful smile.

In addition to a cleaning and checkup, preventive treatments may be recommended. For example, fluoride treatments strengthen the enamel to prevent cavities. In some cases, the treatment will even reverse the early stages of tooth decay. Dental sealants can also be used to prevent cavities. By applying the sealant to cavity-prone areas, like the back molars, there is a protective barrier to ward off tooth decay.

Where Can I Get a Preventive Appointment?

If you have not been to the dentist in the past 6 months, you need to contact Resnick & Rosenfeld to schedule an appointment. We offer complete preventive care to ensure the health of your teeth and gums while keeping your smile looking beautiful.

During your appointment, we will take the time to get to know you and discuss your concerns and oral health goals. In addition to in-office preventive care, we can recommend several things to do at home to maintain your oral health in between appointments. Together, we will help you achieve a radiant, healthy smile with the right preventive care. With professional and personalized dental services, you will have healthy teeth and gums all year long. Recommit to your dental health with Resnick & Rosenfeld.




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