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Cavity Remineralization Is Essential In Order To Keep A Beautiful Smile

August 12, 2015

remineralization can improve the way your tooth structureImagine this scenario:

You wake up after a full night’s sleep and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth. As you open your mouth, you notice a strange color on your tooth and some slight sensitivity. You rack your brain trying to figure out what it could possibly be, then it hits you…it’s a cavity. You start rummaging through countless thoughts in your mind of what procedures may or may not be available to treat a cavity. You start thinking about getting a root canal and other thoughts race in and out of your mind at lightning speed. “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!”


You’re in for a real treat.

Unbeknownst to most patients, there are some cavities that don’t need a drilling and filling. That’s right – a minimally invasive treatment for cavities. Who knew? There are dental offices scattered throughout the area that continue to cling to the age-old practice of the root canal. The key to treating any cavity is time. If the cavity is small, there are topical solutions that can help remineralize of the teeth. Our office in Edison, NJ offers this special treatment, and Dr. Resnick and Dr. Rosenfeld would be happy to perform this procedure on you. Want to learn more? You’re about to.

What Is Remineralization?

Remineralization is necessary because of demineralization. Demineralization is not good for your teeth. How? Think about the food you eat for just a second. There are tons of food particles that come from what you ate. When normal mouth-bacteria steals the sugars and carbs from food, the result is a problematic acid that eats away at your tooth structure. It isn’t a quick process, but one that gains steam as time passes.

Remineralization, on the other hand, replaces minerals that have been depleted from your teeth. The process kicks into gear when calcium and phosphate levels are increased. When this happens, your teeth are returned to their natural strength. Losing any kind of tooth structure is never good. After all, you’re only allowed one set of teeth throughout your adult life. Don’t put your teeth in danger of losing their complete structure. It can cause appearance and functionality issues right from the start. Cavities can be cared for without

Steps You Can Take At Home to Avoid Demineralization

Though we offer remineralization treatment, there are things you can do at home that can help promote healthy teeth.

  1. Practice good oral hygiene: brush and floss twice a day while keeping the toothpaste in your mouth without rinsing. This keeps the minerals on your teeth longer. Also, schedule a general checkup.
  1. Eat healthy: Avoid sugary treats, eat foods loaded with Vitamin D and drink lots of water.
  1. Use correct toothpastes and mouthwashes: Fluoride replaces the calcium in teeth, thus making the enamel even stronger.

Following these tips will help keep your teeth healthy and strong without the fear of demineralization.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

We can remineralize your teeth so they can look like brand new. Don’t let your tooth structure hang in the balance and get it taken care of immediately. Our office in Edison, NJ welcomes patients from all over the area, including South Plainfield, Westfield, Garwood, Rahway and beyond.



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